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Book4ad.com is meant to be a non-liable service from any inaccurate/ misleading advertisements. It is the sole responsibility of end-user to research/verify/accept

the authentic content. book4ad.com is not reponsible for the consequences of any actions according to information provided in the website. Individuals can avail 

the service of Book4ad.com only after the confirmation of rightful legal requirements to form a valid contract enforced under the law.


1.The ad request placed by an Advertiser should meet standards of all current publication deadlines, technical specifications, and limitations of the publisher as

provided in the publication brochure or website(varied from time to time).

2.Orders must be placed either by the official booking format or through telephone only on providing full details.

3.The Advertiser accepts that the variation of dimensions can be done by publisher in the event of publication crisis.

4. The publisher( any employee within) contributed in the creative part(remodeling, graphic design), thereby resulting any copyright or intellectual property shall

impose on the behalf of publisher.

5. The publisher shall possess following rights,

  • To make alterations to the advertisement to meet the requirements of the publisher as in rule 1, (including any artwork) and does not infringe the intellectual      property rights of any third party without forming any liability whatsoever to the advertiser.
  • Decline to publish any advertisement without giving any reason and so without incurring any liability whatsoever to the advertiser.
  • To decline any repeat publication of same advertisements.

*Advertiser- person, firm or company which places orders.


Although publisher ensures reasonable endeavors to meet the expectations of Advertiser, it does not guarantee the publication of any Advertisement. Neither

compensation nor re-advertisement will be entertained for any loss/damage incurred by the advertiser due to the partial or total failure of publication of any



The advertiser shall accept and understand the warrants,

  • No advertisement shall infringe any copyrights or any other rights or be defamatory to the third party or the publisher.
  • No advertisement will be in breach of or contrary to any common law or to provoke any religious issues, racism, and sexism. It should neither contain any obscene elements or any words that are intended to annoy any person or group of people.
  • The Advertiser hereby declares that the contents of the advertisement given are true to his/her best knowledge and shall be held responsible for any non-compliance activities with all local and national advertisement laws.


The advertiser shall understand and will indemnify to the publisher in case of any loss, claims, liabilities, costs, charges or expenses incurred or suffered by the

publisher to the breach of warranties mentioned above.This indemnity shall include costs, losses and expenses incurred to the publisher due to actual or

threatened legal action arising from the publication of any Advertisement.


Book4ads.com in its sole discretion will reserve the right to make any modifications to the terms and conditions. It recommends the advertisers to acknowledge

them to avoid any unwanted results.

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