Q: How can I book/ post an ad on BOOK4AD?

Book4AD simplifies the way to publish ads in various newspapers in India. It is a one-click reliable service to manage time. 

Choose the ad category and Select the ad format.

Draft your words and make a schedule.

Complete the payment.

Q: What should I include in an Ad?

As we prefer to make an effective ad, the following details will be helpful:

  • Present a complete information on your ad so that we may not miss anything important.
  • Select an appropriate color to maintain a visible text.
  • Provide existing mail-Id to receive important updates.

Q: How is Classified Display Ad different from display ad?

To increase visibility, Classified Display Ads can help to make sample themes through utilization of images or logos. While the Display Ads are termed as big budget

Ads which can be published on any page. These are basically found near editorial columns. Expert Advertisers prefer these type of Ads.

Q: Do I need to pay right now for my ad to be published?

We will help to book an Ad on your preferred platform. But we must need your acceptance three days before the publishing date.

Q: How do I benefit from posting my ad through BOOK4AD?

Apart from the fact of various discount offers that Book4ad provides to customers, the service is known for its efficiency. The feature of a compose-ad page to

check out various styling options or templates enables an user-friendly approach of the customized service.

Q: Can I post my ad to multiple publications?

Yes. Clients can refer to multiple publications/newspapers and make orders accordingly. The option of composing multiple ads for single/multiple publications can also be available with our services.

Q: How do I choose a publication?

We provide economical options to reduce the complexity in choosing a publication. Clients are recommended to choose from the list displayed according to their needs.

Q: Why do I need to create account with BOOK4AD?

Along with the option to save your ad, Book4ad enables access to browse through the history of their published or created ads. Therefore, the required format can be selected in order to edit or republish them.

Q: What are the payment options available?

Online payment can be done through credit card(Visa/ Mastercard/ Ecard) or via. Netbanking.

  • Cheque or DD in favor of ‘B2C ADVERTISERS’ will be entertained.
  • The cash-at-home service can be available exclusively in the Hyderabad region.
  • For more details, visit payment details.
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