Privacy Policy

We value your trust with BOOK4AD and we promise to protect your privacy at all costs. However, we would still want you to read the following policy to figure out

how we process your personal information before you utilize our website.

The usage of will imply the privacy policy to be applied on all of its services. The policy clearly states the user acknowledgment of information that we

collect and what may happen to such data.By accepting the privacy policy and user agreement in registration, the concerned user expressly consents to our use and disclosure of his/her personal information in accordance with the privacy policy. If you do not agree, we recommend not to access any of our services.


  • In the process of registration, the User will provide certain information such as name, phone number, e-mail, sex and age e.t.c. This information is basically used to provide information and thereby, providing a user-friendly experience.
  • Further down the process of publishing an ad, you might need to provide the contact address, billing information e.t.c.We will always whether the field is optional or mandatory to complete the process.
  • We track certain information based on the behavior of the user upon the application. They are used to make internal research to provide better service to the user. This information is compiled and used in the compound analysis. It may contain URL that you have used, and URL that you have accessed after our services.

We use users' personal information to:

  •  provide our services
  • recheck the Ad material and Request for Necessary Documents.
  • encourage safe trading and enforce our policies
  • customize users' experience, measure interest in our services, and inform users about services and updates
  • communicate marketing and promotional offers to you
  • Do other things for users as described when we collect the information


  • Alike many websites, we use cookies. Cookies are small files that are stored in the computer by your browsers. Out of many things, they are used for remembering if you have visited the site or remain you logged in- so that to help us to estimate the number of visitors for a given month.
  • You can opt out allowing cookies, while we can’t guarantee the site to remain its original efficiency. The information collected by cookies do not identify you personally. It collects basic information about your computer settings, your link towards the internet. I.e. operating system and platform, IP address, duration of your browsing and your location. The session cookies are automatically erased after each session.
  • Additional cookies may be present on some pages of the website created by third parties. If you visit the page created by a user, there is a chance of cookie to be placed on that website. We do not have any control on such ‘cookies’.
  • If you decide to buy using our application, we collect some information about your preferential choices. If you want to check out with a credit card for an amount we charge, we collect required information such as billing address, Credit card number, and Credit card expiration date for an efficient payment process. We use tracking number in case of cheques or money orders.
  • Your feedback about our services will be stored and be used for research purposes. We store this information to provide an efficient customer support and also to prevent any conflicts.
  • You agree that can use personal information about you to improve promotional and marketing strategy such as layout, services of the website, application content e.t.c. These will be a tremendous effort to increase the efficiency of services thereby provided at your best interests. We may use personal information to contact you and deliver messages. In some cases, it might be targeted to your interests such as targeted poster advertisements, notices, offerings and information relevant to use of applications.
  • By the acceptance of user agreement and privacy policy, you understand and deliberately agree to all the service policies as mentioned above.


We instruct minors (below 18 years) not to provide any information as he/she are not eligible to avail the services of application. Although, if he/she wishes to use

the application, we recommend to use under the guidance of elder people who have a registered user name on the application.


To provide your privacy and security, we oblige to verify before any access or making changes to your personal information.

When you place orders or provide information to pay through our website, ensure your transaction is done through by a reliable network. all the collected data should be protected by We employ updated version on internet security technologies.


By using our application, USER consent on our usage of information you disclosed on the application. If we happen to modify our privacy policy, you can check for

any changes on this page.


We accept any feedback and comments relating to our services. You may contact us anytime during the mentioned office hours. To meet the expectations of

business, we might change policies or terms & conditions to improve the services. We recommend you to acknowledge changes in our policies as regular as


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